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In my last post I praised Cocoa and said it signified an Apple advantage. In this post I'm going to praise CodeWarrior for MacOS and it's counterpoint, the PowerPlant class library for MacOS. PowerPlant is THE BEST C++ library I have ever seen or used. The source code is included, and the library follows a rigid, highly disciplined naming convention for all its classes. Even without the better UI building tools found in Visual C++ on Windows, the combination of CodeWarrior and PowerPlant on the Mac is hard to beat. Right now I am building Carbon and Classic binaries for my QuickTime export component. CodeWarrior, itself a Carbonized application, is running great under OS X. The compiler is screaming fast as well.

I have to give much credit to PowerPlant for allowing me to get up to speed with MacOS programming so quickly. It was a joy to learn, and anytime I needed help understanding how to program the Mac, I'd just look in the library source or in the highly informative and excellent sample code that is included in the product. In my case, back in 1997, I had to figure out how to wire up the C++ exception handling mechanism in the Premiere plug-in I was writing at the time. Talk about a fish out of water! Our first cut of the plug-in would crash hard if it hit a C++ exception. Whoops. Well, what are build numbers for anyway.

For the time being, I am holding off making the switch to Cocoa programming on the Mac (hey, I said it was Apple's advantage, not mine). I am going to stick with CodeWarrior and Carbon. I figure the 40 million or so classic Macs out there still need good software.

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Well that's just great. Viva Blogger. I wrote about 1500 words for a post and it just disappeared into nowhere land. Why? Seems like my www session at expired. What-ever! This revolution is so revolutionary we've thrown away everything we already new, including the good stuff. Here I am typing my own markup codes to make bold and indent. How retro trendy. It's TRUE www services are going to take over!

Most pundit-like statement lost in the bit bucket: Apple will eventually dominate the desktop, Windows will die and ugly death, and the reason is that Apple's process is more efficient because it is based on Cocoa, and they sit astride FreeBSD, which is like being mounted on a horse that can run across country without food and water. In the transition to market dominance, Apple can take advantage of all the great aspects of the PC marketplace; especially, the commoditization (is that a werd?) of hardware. PCI bus, EIDE UDMA drives, USB, FireWire. And all without having to support the plethora of devices that that ugly world brings to the party. They will come to dominance by innovating in bold artistic strokes. Nuff said, the DOJ should just leave Microsoft alone and let Apple take care of them.

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Since about 1991 I have had a desire to do software, and do it right, and to explore software development in a unique and personal way. Some initial success I had with writing software created all sorts of problems for me in this regard. I had to bust out even further into unknown territory by starting an enchilada. Again, this created all manner of difficulties for me. Explosion, implosion, death, rebirth; what a wild ride. Basically, I've spent about the last seven years learning about the software that runs the human biological machine, and only now, with a foundation in those disciplines, am I really returning to the world of software. In fact, I opened up some source code yesterday that was dated 1995.05.18 - almost seven years to the day.

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