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It started with a couple of days spent loading NeXTSTEP 3.3 into VirtualPC. Then I moved on to setting up my Turbo NeXT Dimension Cube. While rummaging through the barn looking for black hardware parts, I happened upon my HP pizza box, which I bought in 1996 for OpenStep RISC. Finally, I topped it off by loading OS X Server 1.1 on a Blue and White G3 tower. The last one proved tricky: the internal 10GB drive was giving the installer some problems so I had to bust a 2 GB IDE drive out of a dead Sony PC. I want to run OpenStep 4.2 as well, but I can't decide if I want to run it on the Cube or in VirtualPC session. The purpose of all this is simple: to research and review the evolution of the NeXTSTEP programming environment that lead up to Cocoa. Tonight I sat back and went through the MiscKit examples on the Cube...

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Dropped into SIGGRAPH to check out the exhibit hall. Thought it was only proper since the show doesn't come to yer home town every year. I found myself non-plussed. However, it appears to me that the 3D killer app are the '3D Printers' that can mill objects from 3D models. I saw a Roland model several years ago, but at this show there were at least 5 vendors selling these devices.

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