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元:The week of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis

I'm on a mini-intensive to learn the fundamentals of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis with my trainer, Angelique Kiss of body-karma. I'll be at it four hours a day for five days. My first day was today and I learned a great deal. Previously, I had some private sessions and learned how to do basic 'arch and curl' and 'stirring', and I had been working with these movements on a daily basis for some time. I find these movements to be invaluable for clearing the mind in preparation for long hours of coding, or for short breaks to contemplate a particular design problem. These movements are also valuable for trunk and shoulder mobility, which for me proves useful for my study of water boxing.

New product announce dates are getting nearer, but it doesn't help that I forgot my Powerbook power supply at home. I've got one battery left and if my power supply doesn't appear via then it will be off to the local Apple store...

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