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元:Things you can learn in books.

... he had done a short film The Hockey Puck Crisis, which was great: Hockey pucks grew on trees, and there was a blizzard that destroyed the crop, so you couldn't play hockey in Canada that year.

- Bernie Brillstein

Actually, we wrote a perfect submission for Saturday Night Live, a package of things we'd like to see on TV -- a news parody, a commercial parody and a couple of sketches.

-Al Franken

There was a feeling even before it started that something important was happening. It was almost like all the leftover spirit of the sixties found its way into this show -- that spirit of rebellion, of breaking through whatever boundaries were left.

-Neil Levy

My favorite Wayne and Shuster sketch goes like this: W&S are monitoring radio transmissions from outer space. A message from aliens begins arriving on a teletype machine. They, the alien species, want to trade... unpronounceable alien name, unpronounceable name, unpronounceable name for... Gretzky. I can't recall if that sketch aired before Gretzky moved to L.A. I was living in the Edmonton area at the time and it was a really big deal. The defection of Gretzky to Los Angeles.

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元:It's just a movie but...

I saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop in the theater. I thought it was really funny. I didn't think the script was all that good, but the movie was elevated to the funny by the performance of the lead actor who was 100% comedy. And man, it made lots of money at the box office.

Observe and Report. Not so much money at the box office. Not as funny. But from the perspective of cinema, and the telling of a story, there is no comparison. Observe & Report tread artfully on a thin line between dark social commentary and dark comedy. The characters had depth and their world was morbidly fascinating. Not a Disney movie, nope.

Ten years from now, if there is still such a thing as Blockbuster, I might be standing next to someone looking for a movie to rent from in the Seth Rogen section. Chances are, Observe and Report will be one of the ones they missed. I'll be the guy insisting they watch that one.

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So the CBS web site says "watch full episodes online" apparently as a manifesto to confuse consumers. And they have only Seasons 1-4 of Two and a Half Men on iTunes.

Make it as hard as possible for new viewers to get into the show. Another fantastic online strategy from giant corporations run by people who have MBAs from ivy league schools.

As media consumers reorganize their habits in a changing world, go ahead, wear that dunce cap with pride.

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