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元:As Google's Android tops 1B activations, next version gets named 'KitKat'

As Google's Android tops 1B activations, next version gets named 'KitKat': "by tweeting an image of the newest take on the Android mascot, Pichai confirmed that Android version 4.4 will be named KitKat"

It looks to me like we're about to experience a replay of the Windows/Mac OS fork in the road that happened in the early 90s. I've been monitoring some job boards favored by people seeking employment both contracting and regular jobs and there has been a marked shift away from iOS only development toward first hybrid Android/iPhone and recently Android only.

As far as Windows Phone goes, something radical is needed. Both Android and iPhone are based on software development techniques that were state of the art back in 1989, when they designed NeXTSTEP. Since Java was copied from NeXTSTEP, I think it's safe to say that NeXTSTEP won the second wave.

To win the third battle you need something more productive than object orientation. I can state with some assurance that it ain't JavaScript. JS developers are resigned to the fact that their code is going to break inevitably and soon. Why anyone would try and build a business on that foundation is beyond me.

Could it be Scala? Or Erlang?

Xcode is a highly productive environment and it's going to be hard to unseat. I've tried Eclipse. Was not impressed in the slightest. In fact, I wondered how anyone could release anything on Android with those "tools" Disclaimer: I haven't used make in awhile either.

It may well be that the winning toolchain is the one that most embraces the multi-core and GPU nature of the immediate future. I dunno.

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