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元:Free Webcam Downloads Mac

Bored and looking for cool new ways to use that built-in webcam on your new Mac? Get a copy of DotMatrix webcam (free download). Between posing and trying different effects, you'll keep busy for hours...

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元:Best Screen Capture Mac

Here's a couple of free screen grabbing programs you probably haven't seen yet. AsSceneOnTV (grabs frames from DVD discs) and GrabberRaster (screen shots, the easy way).

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元:Photobooth Download Install Mac

Wishing your Mac had a built-in iSight with Photobooth? No worries, try DotMatrix which is much cooler, works with almost all webcams _and_ external firewire video cameras.

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元:Best iSight Download Mac

Want to put that MacBook webcam to work? Try DotMatrix.

They have some other cool stuff for Macs as well, like AsSceneOnTV and GrabberRaster.

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