Rogue Imagineer

"The journey is the reward."
- Zen Koan

There's a fork in the road. One path leads to truth in comedy. I'll probably follow Del, but not too closely. Recently, I met Andy Dick who was a student of Del Close. A bit too close.

Right now I am so far behind on TIVO: have not seen BSG finale, 4 episodes back of LOST, one SNL in 2 months. But I did tune in to Hulu for Tu-Spock. I think Jimmy might have landed on the Lonely Island in spandex and under the influence of B.C. 'shrooms. Hard to tell.

Yesterday I met a BigNews director (Gregg Lopez) at i.O. who worked at Wetlands in the early 90s. He remembered the Skadanks (friends of a friend).

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