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I'm giving Netscape 7.0 a spin. Aside from glitches during the install, it seems to be quite stable. Probably, within a few days I will remember all the things I hated about Internet Explorer when it started to catch on. One thing will be hard to live without: browser helper objects. These include the Google toolbar and the Yahoo companion. I host all my bookmarks on Yahoo thru the Yahoo-companion. Really - is there any other way?

Could be I am addicted to Altivec coding. I rewrote another two routines today with an eye for quality using the single-precision floating point vectors. VERY worthwhile. Rather than try and do it all with vector code, I decided to interleave the vec instructions with a fairly large speckle of integer and floating point routines so that the rest of the CPU doesn't while the vec stuff is running. Approaching things in this manner also vastly simplified the coding. I'm planning a series of articles on optimizing code for performance in printed mags...

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