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元:The NeXT Dimension: Black Hardware Day

Due to some changes that were afoot over the past few years, it became necessary to pare my personal development setup down to a few laptops. I ended up with a Dell C800 with a number of hot-swap drives, a Powerbook G4, and an older Powerbook 3500 for running classic applications.

But now that time is over, and today is BLACK HARDWARE day at Digigami. Yessiree I am dusting off my NeXT dimension color cube and getting it up and running here at the labs. This is phase two of project grok NeXTSTEP, phase one was completed when I successfully got NeXTSTEP 3.3 running on VirtualPC 5.x on a dual G4 tower machine.

On my recent trip to the Bay Area for Feldenkrais training, I dove into the original (circa 1990) architecture manuals for Mach. I have some Mach plumbing projects in mind....

By : The NeXT Dimension: Black Hardware Day



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