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Unwinding from the intensive Pegasus training is proceeding well... not much coding happening, but I did manage to make a batch of various sushi-maki rolls last night. Even managed to produce a couple of hand rolls.

I hand fashioned a sushi-rolling mat from a piece of thick inkjet paper and plastic wrap.

Now, this is no ordinary sushi- I've been working with a nutrition system which ix-nays all of sugar, rice and vinegar (main constituents of sushi), so this batch was made with Quinoa and raw stevia (sweetner). Dip the sushi in Braggs liquid aminos (instead of soy), close your eyes and bite; who could tell the difference? Not me! Hai! Taste-o Great-o! Arigato! Hai!

On the coding front, I've been working on a pet project involving Carbon, Cocoa, services and the Scrap/Pasteboard. Whew, talk about a poorly documented area of OS X....

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