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I'm probably the worst blogger of all-time, given the time elapsed since my last post. However, this blog is soon to be energized. I wrote some articles for the dwindling programming print mags on C++ performance and they will soon be posted here.

As well, I figured that 5 years was a bit long for Digigami to be without a useful license key system. I've spent about 3 months deep in cryptography and come up with a system that does not have any of the usual weaknesses (forged serial numbers, key redistribution etc.). I'm putting the final touches on our new Mac product and the online shopping cart which will include this functionality.

Also, expect a revamp of the site design. In order to bootstrap the site quickly, I just grabbed a default blog template. Now that I've made my friend Rudi a custom-template-blog, I can now do it for myself.

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