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元:Black Hardware Day a Success

The NeXT Dimension cube is up and running and I am currently applying the Y2K patches. Just had a kernel panic - hope its not a hardware problem.

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元:The NeXT Dimension: Black Hardware Day

Due to some changes that were afoot over the past few years, it became necessary to pare my personal development setup down to a few laptops. I ended up with a Dell C800 with a number of hot-swap drives, a Powerbook G4, and an older Powerbook 3500 for running classic applications.

But now that time is over, and today is BLACK HARDWARE day at Digigami. Yessiree I am dusting off my NeXT dimension color cube and getting it up and running here at the labs. This is phase two of project grok NeXTSTEP, phase one was completed when I successfully got NeXTSTEP 3.3 running on VirtualPC 5.x on a dual G4 tower machine.

On my recent trip to the Bay Area for Feldenkrais training, I dove into the original (circa 1990) architecture manuals for Mach. I have some Mach plumbing projects in mind....

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元:Vintage Verbage

I've dusted off some older writings in the form of Word for Windows 2.0 documents which I will convert and place in a new section devoted to vintage writings: a view from the object-oriented world of the early 90's. I've got opinion pieces and yes, product reviews of some tools from the mesozoic era.

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元:WWW authoring via FTP in AOL, um, NOT!

After a year of hosting with, which worked well, I'm exploring other options for hosting the blog. I spent two hours trying to get AOL ftp access working right. They must be cutting costs at AOL and hiring monkeys for sysadmin tasks, because the AOL FTP access has an extremely high bogosity factor. One can only use a FTP client to put files in a folder called incoming, but that folder is only accessible from the AOL provided FTP client, which is, as well, brain-dead. What's more, you must have a bona-fide AOL client logged in under the screenname at the time of FTP access. Wait-?maybe if I stand on a chair?

After exploring the various hosting options I have available, I'm going to run with using's forwarding service to forward to a sub-directory on We'll see how that goes. Full speed ahead, and never surrender!

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