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元:Emeryville: 17" Powerbook G4 in Backpack mistaken for "Terrorist Bomb"

I'm up in the San Francisco Bay Area with some friends for Feldenkrais training. We're all travelling with our Powerbooks. My friends "Mursshud and Clint paid a visit to the Bay Street Apple store in Emeryville to get some advice at the Genius Bar regarding Mursshud's 17" Powerbook. Next they went across the street to the AT&T Wireless store. Mursshud and Clint were carrying the 17" Powerbook in one of those black custom backpacks (for 17" models) that they carry at the Apple retail stores. They forgot to take the backpack with them when they left the AT&T store. Realizing their mistake just 6 or 7 minutes later, they called the store to see if the backpack was still there. Just minutes previously, the AT&T store staff had discovered the backpack, and assumed that it was a bomb and that my friends were terrorists set on blowing up the AT&T retail store. One of the AT&T staff moved the backpack onto the street in front of their store and alerted the police (local bicycle patrol) to "the bomb". Now for the good part: when my friends called the AT&T store to find out if the backpack was still there (who wants to lose their 17" powerbook?) the AT&T staff lied and told them that noone had seen it, and furthermore, no customers had entered or exited the store since they had left. Confused and bewildered, my friends decided that the backpack was simply gone (lost!) for good. When they got back here, we began looking into the insurance coverage on the laptop and found out that it was necessary to file a police report for insurance purposes. Clint called the police to file a report and the police told them the story of the AT&T store fiasco...

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