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I've used Citeseer extensively in my MPEG research.

I read today in Wired about a new, similar effort as well:
The Public Library of Science.

I'm not sure about how other people feel, but personally, I am tired of reading papers from public universities which are vague summaries to the effect "we know this and you don't". What happened to publishing findings so that others could duplicate and extend them? Welcome to the bizarre world of 'intellectual property'.

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元:EMBED, Safari, OBJECT, OS X, Bueller, Anyone?

Obviously, Safari supports the EMBED tag first promoted as part of Netscape. As a long time EMBED developer (CineWeb was one of the first video plug-ins on Win Netscape, starting in 1996), I am wondering where the current specification for EMBED plug-ins on the Mac is located. Clearly the QuickTime plug-in is using EMBED, as is Flash.

Trying out trackback to find out what is up with EMBED. I want to EMBED Safari.

As if asking the question generated its own google query, I found this:

If anyone out there knows of a sample project for Apple Developer tools or CodeWarrior, send linx or comments.

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元:The Peanut Gallery is now Up and Running

After some browsing and looking around, the Peanut Gallery, aka comments, is now up and running.

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元:Mac users gloat, but it really is pretty funny...

All about trying to configure a printer in Linux. After all, if you need to print a document, why not spend all afternoon?

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