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元:War, What Browser War?

The browser wars are over, and the battered victor is Netscape, reborn as Firefox. 5 years from now you can look back and read this blog entry and say you saw it here first. Of course, since I have no readership, the point is moot.

Nevertheless, the only browser that matters going forward is Firefox. The browser is not an operating system, and the most important feature of the browser is uniform behavior across operating environments and hardware platforms. To that extent, neither IE or Safari really can ever address properly the actual problem the browser is designed to solve. Netscape had it right in the beginning, and had they simply worked on perfecting that ONE THING, they would still be king. Megalomania continues to be the downfall of many. I believe Microsoft will eventually succumb to their megalomanical tendencies. Luckily, Apple's megalomanical side is kept in check through humility, at least for the time being.

Clearly there is only one part of the Firefox puzzle left, which may or may not be important, depending on how you see it. And that would be the return of the visionary leader, Marc Andreassen. Does it make a difference? Did it make a difference at Apple? You be the judge.

Mozilla firefox is going to lead the way because they've been forced to work with standards and leverage their strength which is platform-neutrality. The web browsing experience is for everyone, not just people running WinIE. I guarantee it.

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