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Since meeting two of the original chip designers who worked on the Apple-Motorola-IBM joint venture that produced the PowerPC chips (used in Apple Computers) I've had Austin on my mind again, as it was in Austin where it all got started. I used to spend most of my time at Halcyon which was the former location of Ruta Maya. Apparently, back then, Ruta Maya had just recently closed down (in preparation for its move south -- now complete). In fact, this blog started when I was in Austin. I tried to get blogging earlier but it never quite got going the way I wanted.

The old-school Alamo Drafthouse is just around the corner from Halcyon. One cool thing (among many) about the Drafthouse: they have an LCD projector used to play various computer-based animations and clips they get from the web (and who knows where else) as part of their movie previews.

And, of course, lest I forget, I was introduced to Gyrotonic in Austin where I observed a friend as he received his very first series of sessions on the Gyrotonic system 'pulley tower' by Ms. Audra Williams. Gyrotonic is kind of like 'catsup - it goes good with everything.

And my blog is now firefox happy and I think might even validate as true HTML 4.0.

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