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元:The Future of Athletics is the X-Games

My personal view is that our future children are going to be dreaming not about basketball and hockey, but rather about the solo sports popularized by the X-games. Even though the X-games sports have been percolating for at least 20 years, I think the next 100 years will belong to those sports. As such, they are the most interesting thing on my radar. If you look around the US, there are an increasing number of municipalities which are building and maintaining top-notch skate parks as part of their city parks and rec. Contrast this to 20 years ago when skateboarding was considered to be a nuisance.

I was noticing some mechanical noise on my bicycle and took it in for a tune-up. I also decided it would be good to have a backup bike just in case. It's amazing how changing riding geometry (arrangement of limbs, weight distribution etc) can completely change the workout experience of biking. This reminds me of getting started with computers, really the first step in the journey of 1000mi to California: my first job was a dishwasher (two summers), and I used to ride my BMX bike about 5mi in each direction to work and back. The first summer I made enough to buy a computer (Commodore 64). The second summer I made enough to buy a motorcycle (Yamaha Enduro 125), and the third summer I worked in construction and made enough to go to college. My first electric guitar is in there somewhere as well.

Since arriving in Long Beach, increasingly the future I see in meditation is in Orange County. I suppose that means that Digigami may one day be located in Irvine. The Japanese distributors of my first product, RoboHelp, are headquartered in Irvine. I haven't seen them in awhile, but I drove/rode the Amtrack up to see them a couple of times when I lived in San Diego.

It could be that I am about to turn nocturnal, because I had trouble sleeping last night and ended up spending the whole night watching a TV show (on DVD) about orange county.

Whatever the future holds, I am (totally!) up for it. Some people might look at me and see someone who is good with computers. But in reality, I am just a person who is good at "following one's heart". And following same has taken me on quite a journey - all the way to southern California. Generally, once you get good at following your heart, you eventually cross paths with someone else who is doing the same, someone you never would have met by seeking or by thinking or by trying...perhaps only by dreaming or holding truth in your heart, no matter what.

By : The Future of Athletics is the X-Games



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