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Forget the expensive, and inexpensive Cabernets. A $7 Delicato cab (2003) from Ralphs is my current favorite. The bouquet, which a scientist would normally call 'the smell', is fabulous. My favorite so far. With or without the company of la femme. Speaking of which, my rollerskates came in today. What timing! Quel frommage! Wine Styles.

Wired Magazine (Oct 05, pg 159) on Nolan Bushnell, inventor of the first commercial videogame "Pong", and the founder of Atari:
For Bushnell, the violence that pervades the media is equally corrosive. "There is a heightened sense of paranoia these days," he says. "People don't know how to approach each other without being considered a threat."
Although, as a Space Invaders fan, I agree with Mr. Bushnell, I disagree with his solution (uWink restaurants). The solution is to eliminate email altogether. And barcodes and laser scanners are for grocery items, not people.

By : I Drink to Forget Me Not



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