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Makes small appliances called iPods highly sought out by, well, just about everybody. Makes computers that run for months/years without needing rebooting. (UPDATE: ha-ha, the day after I read this post my PB required a reboot. Comedy.)Makes metal boxes called 'search appliances' which make a mini-google for your own private corporate intranet. Do you have a corporate intranet?

Since it's inception, has always aimed to empower individuals to express their own unique vision and creativity. First, it was the printed page. Now it's just about every form of media imaginable.At the time of its inception, Google was all about making it easier to find things on the internet. Still mostly true unless your search results disagree with regional politics or are an algorithmic reflection of google's indexing techniques.

Provides (ISO standards-based ) HD (1920x1080) high-definition streaming video for download and viewing on personal computers and devices. Ten years from now, your H.264 videos will still be usable on a wide variety of standards compliant devices.Provides grainy, pixelated, QCIF (320x240, aka quarter-VGA), proprietary-based SWF streaming video for downloading and viewing on personal computers. Ten years from now, your collection of SWF videos will be good for taking up extra space on your hard drive, nothing more.

Embodies both human and artistic design in its products."You can have any color you want, as long as it is black".

Makes a slow Mail program based on Cocoa. Works only on Macs.Makes a fast Mail program based on AJAX. Works in any modern browser.

Makes money by selling useful things that people buy for fun, to create with, or to run a business.Makes money by selling text based ads that automatically withdraw money out of the bank accounts of regular citizens.

Favorite reusable product/technology: QuickTime.Favorite reusable product/technology: Google Maps.

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