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I was browsing this morning and noticed that the new feature "Firewall" with Harrison Ford was partially filmed in Kamloops BC. Hmmm. That arid terrain did look a little bit familiar. Since my dad is one of my blog readers, I though he'd get a kick out of that. I played a fair amount of 'varsity' basketball in/around the Kamloops area, although our school district was Prince George. Here's a link to the google maps for Kamloops. Normally, Kamloops doesn't look that green (looks more like it did in the movie).

Poking around imdb a bit more, I found a 1950 documentary featuring Bing Crosby that was filmed in Jasper. Now there's one for Mr. Kiyooka.

Speaking of Jasper, this google map shows pretty much every location where I was found trout fishing as a wee lad.

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