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元:VideoLAN humour en Francais

This is pretty funny:
About VideoLAN: VideoLAN ( is a project to build open source, cross-platform multimedia tools. Their VLC media player is the most downloaded Mac OS X application according to

About Apple: Apple is the creator of the hyped and overpriced Macintosh computer. Until recently, Apple buyers could brag in front of PC users about how their PowerPC-based computer was twice as expensive, but also twice as powerful as the Intel-based counterpart. Now, thanks to the Intel transition, Apple computers are only twice as expensive.

I'm all for the x86 transition (forget Intel) because it means Apple is not tied to the IBM-Motorola architecture (hey, let's add a 3rd CPU architecture - how about MIPS?), but you have to admit, this is a pretty interesting dig from a cross-platform application.

By : VideoLAN humour en Francais



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