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The Polaroid X530 may be the least expensive raw camera on the market, but don't let it's size and price fool you ($149). The camera features RAW image acquisition (unheard of in a point-and-shoot camera) and the revolutionary Foveon image sensor.

UPDATE: Sigma has just announced the successor camera to the Polaroid X530. As I mentioned earlier, the Polaroid corporation has been destroyed by corrupt management. The new Sigma DP1 promises to be the best introduction to the revolutionary picture quality of the Foveon image sensor. And it's a RAW camera to boot. I can't wait!

UPDATE: After what seems to be months of waiting for a reliable vendor to list Polaroid x530 on, I finally was able to pick one up. The camera is not without quirks, but it takes amazing photos in RAW format. Here's three of mine. (16-bit TIFF).

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