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Our servers got totally hammered tonight. I tail'd the httpd logs and discovered that our HD MPEG-1 sample clip, a 30s 720p of The Least Likely PSA was getting consumed in vast quantities. Coincidence? The clip features MaggieQ, who is part of the supporting cast of MI-3. I saw MI-3 last night. It reminded me of an episode of Alias.

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元:Apple, Microsoft, Sony Conspire to Pay Musicians Nothing, but More Accurately

Apple, Microsoft, Sony Conspire to Pay Musicians Nothing, but More Accurately
Apple, Microsoft, the big four music labels, and five others have joined together to form a new organization dedicated to developing and maintaining a robust framework of communication standards to support the digital distribution of digital content.
This technology is actually quite a welcome upgrade from the existing methods that ASCAP etc use (statistical sampling) to track artists (musician) royalties. Of course, since history will repeat itself, it is more likely that the technology will simply be used to more accurately track the penny per song that the artist receives.

After all, without the iPod, how would anyone ever listen to music? Apple invented listening to music and watching video on a computer. Believe me, if these big companies could collect royalties on every set of human eyes and ears, they would.

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元:NEC should have used friendster

LONDON — While the theft of intellectual property and the copying of products has been a problem in southeast Asia for some time, Japan’s NEC has received the back-handed compliment of having an entire NEC company counterfeited, according to a report in the International Herald Tribune.
The existence of the false NEC, which operated mainly in China but seemed to have been controlled by entities in Japan and Taiwan, came to light after two years of investigations, the report said.

The fake NEC had developed a portfolio of about 50 counterfeit products, including home entertainment systems, MP3 players, batteries, microphones and DVD players. In addition to copying NEC products the bogus company had developed products of its own that are not in the legitimate NEC’s range.

In some aspects the fake NEC behaved as a legitimate company, handing out manufacturing contracts and licensing Chinese companies to use its designs, but all the time under the NEC brand, to which it had no right, the report said.

“These entities are part of a sophisticated ring, coordinated by two key entities based in Taiwan and Japan, which has attempted to completely assume the NEC brand,” the report quoted Fujio Okada, senior vice president and general manager of NEC’s legal division saying in written answers to questions.

The report said NEC had declined to identify the offenders for legal reasons and that it was unable to estimate the value of goods sold by the illegal company.

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元:VideoLAN humour en Francais

This is pretty funny:
About VideoLAN: VideoLAN ( is a project to build open source, cross-platform multimedia tools. Their VLC media player is the most downloaded Mac OS X application according to

About Apple: Apple is the creator of the hyped and overpriced Macintosh computer. Until recently, Apple buyers could brag in front of PC users about how their PowerPC-based computer was twice as expensive, but also twice as powerful as the Intel-based counterpart. Now, thanks to the Intel transition, Apple computers are only twice as expensive.

I'm all for the x86 transition (forget Intel) because it means Apple is not tied to the IBM-Motorola architecture (hey, let's add a 3rd CPU architecture - how about MIPS?), but you have to admit, this is a pretty interesting dig from a cross-platform application.

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