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While I think emerging technologies like Lazlo and DHTML are very cool and have a distinct place in the software ecosystem, one marketing thought promulgated by their proponents and evangelists is completely wacko.

It's a rumour/myth started by Microsoft in 1996
"Dynamic HTML takes the Web out of 'read-only' mode," said Brad Silverberg, senior vice president of the Internet platform and tools division at Microsoft. "It means Web pages can be just as rich, interactive, fun and compelling as any Macintosh or Windows® -based application today. Dynamic HTML will drive the adoption of HTML as a worldwide standard for creating user interfaces."

Rich internet applications are simply richer than regular forms-based internet applications. Compared to regular desktop applications, RIA "richness" is simply a joke. At this point, DHTML www mini-editors, for instance, have yet to achieve the level of interactivity and richness of Microsoft Word circa 1990.

Among the problems with RIA technology:

  • No access to clipboard/pasteboard
  • Inconsistent keystroke behaviour in the UI
  • Inconsistent availability (see screenshot)
  • Limited interoperability with other applications.

Doesn't anyone remember client-server computing (circa 1988)? The next big wave? Personal computers as a replacement for "dumb terminals"?

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