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元:Success and the Social Web

Previously, I blogged about how myspace success is based on the simple fact that they allow outbound HTML links. Of all kinds.

In fact, if it weren't for the rise of the myspace worm, there would still be even fewer restrictions on the types of markup allowed on myspace pages.

Nevertheless, the key to a successful online community is the lack of rules. Most of the social online communities are geared at younger people. The last thing that younger people want is rules. They've got plenty of them at home. And at school. They don't need no stinking old people telling them what kinds of markup, photos or CSS genius (yep, that's right, teenage girls are blowing away your $90K/year CSS ubergeeks) to put on their own personal web pages. It's pretty much that simple.

Blogger continues to grow without bounds. Despite abuse by the googadporn and seospammers.

You see, it is the lack of rules which provides the greatest opportunity for something creative to happen.

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