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I got some bad news recently. I learned that SCTV, my favorite joint, is no longer on the air. But the good news is that there is another similar show -- that has no name -- broadcast live from NYC most Saturday nights (I've only seen about 9 episodes, but it seems pretty cool). Which is what you get when you only watch TV for afew years in the 80s and afew years in the 00s.

Apparently, many TV stations are still relying on an arcane snake oil "system" called Nielsen ratings to estimate the popularity of a media property. Here on the internet, the word is that Apache logs and Google analytics are the only way to tell for sure. Here's an exercise: take a terabyte and divide by the average size of a mp3 pop song encoded at 128k.

Until last night, my favorite show with Alec Baldwin was the Hulu commercial. Now it's the Wii sketch. Rock on Seth & Paula!

By : Bad News, Good News



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