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元:OMG, it's Kimmey Jimmel!

Is it just me, or does Jimmy Kimmel look great in drag? Race you to ATSC HDTV, Jimmy! Oops! Might be too late for that. I shot my remote in HD. HD post is just getting cheaper and cheaper!

Ever notice how the LOST logo (I'm a fan) gets all pixelated around the edges as we push past the O in the opening credits? It sure didn't look like that on the AVID! It's because the letters are in a slow defocus and the bi-directional motion prediction is unable to find a 16x16 pixel block with an edge from a future frame in order to construct the intermediate B-frames. And B-frames are how we get a 200 Mbits/s 1920x1080 picture into 20 Mbits/s. There are ways to deal with this problem. But involves knowing the limitations of the distribution medium (HDTV at both ATSC and DirecTV data rates) and then making appropriate artistic choices that respect the underlying limitations of the medium. Wow, that's just like shooting and finishing on film. Whoda thunk it? Looks like a deep knowledge of digital might be useful after all.

Art without science is like a kiln that doesn't fire at the right temperature. That bowl might look good for soup, but if the science was wrong, it's gonna taste like clay.

By : OMG, it's Kimmey Jimmel!



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