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Saw Land of the Lost tonight at the Arclight. The critics are probably going to hate this movie, but I thought it was really interesting. It's as if Will Ferrell wandered into a Salvador Dali painting. I can't comment on whether it's true to the original series. Surreal. Limited narrative. Really imaginative sets. In particular, the Motel half baked into the sand with the boys half baked on the psychedelic pineapple juice was really fun.

People who like this film should really investigate some of the strange alternate historical theories of Earth, including Zecharia Sitchen and David Icke.

And a tip of the hat to Hunter S. Thompson and William Burroughs.

Still, my favorite Will Ferrell movie is the one he did with Woody Allen. A reminder that just because you're famous for wearing an FCC-approved patriotic thong on national TV, it doesn't mean you can't hold your own among the greats.

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