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The multi-touch pad on the new MacBook Pro is soooo cool. Too bad they didn't bother to test it before shipping it to millions of people. It reminds me of the cover from the book "Design of Everyday Things" by Donald Norman. I can hear the fan-boys croon over the sleek aluminum stylings as they pour hot liquid into their laps, soaking the package in their jockey shorts. With the hand that's not crippled with RSI (read: multi-touch user interaction).

The irony is that the multi-touch pad on the iPhone works great. Just as long as you want a lexically-retarded computer program to "correct" all your typing "errors". I long for the good old days when the cat would run across the inkpad and leave a trail of footprints on a freshly typed sheet of white bond. Yes, it's true. The iPhone has replaced the typewriter and the cat with one fully-automatic, self-cleaning source of frustration that is also a fully-functioning iPod.

I love progress.

This blog post contains a variety of Hollywood-friendly sentence fragments. Scratches his butt. Sniffs.

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