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元:CSI: Space Oddity

Fantastic. Didn't like it, loved it!

That Sarnoff guy was delusional, thinking he could deal with both the technology of creativity and the creativity afforded by technology.

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元:Still Using the Old Laws, eh?

Sarnoff's Law: the value of a broadcast network is proportional to the number of viewers.

Metcalfe's Law: the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2).

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I just saw an Asian person on SNL! OK, well, she was half-asian.

In loving memory of my Polish-Canadian godfather, Joe Nowiki (1929-2009). My parents attended the memorial service at Our Lady of the Blistering Slapshot Foothills. I wonder if Father Claude LeMieux was in attendance?

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