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Moments after finishing the article about Conan's new gig in USA Today, I tuned my brand new handheld radio to 104.3 and caught a brief interview with Jay Leno regarding his new 10:00 p.m. show this fall. He waxed philosophical about the conditions leading up to the creation of his 10pm show and articulated some lucid thoughts about going up against CSI:MIAMI on Monday nights. Mr. Leno sounds really intelligent. I hope nobody in entertainment holds that against him.

AFTERTHOUGHT: If NBC really wants to stick it to CSI:Miami on Monday nights, they should hire a blimp and put the Peacock Logo and an ad for Jay's new show on the side of it and fly it low on the Long Beach horizon on CSI:Miami production days.

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元:SNL Finale!

Set your TIVO's to stun, I mean Conan. Goodbye SNL and hello Conando, Andy Richter and Friar Sweeney.

Still to go BSG and LOST...

To all comedy GIANTS! Thanks for the scraps and welcome to lilliput!

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元:Cocoa Pebbles

I just saw a box of Cocoa Pebbles on Fringe. Of course, they didn't use the Post brand (whoops!). No sense in doling out free product placement. Or is it a legal liability. Such a fine line.

Speaking of Fringe. That'd be a fun show to write for. But where are you going to find someone who can write a procedural scifi crime drama with a comedic streak? Other than the show writers, of course.

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