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元:UFO Sighting, yes really.

I've been interested in UFO's pretty much my whole life. When I was but a wee lad, I used to check out every book on UFO's that came into our local public library. I even attended a course in New Mexico which certified me to present the findings of Zecharia Sitchen.

However, other than once when a friend and I saw a "shooting star" make a 90 degree angle turn in the sky, I couldn't really say I had seen a UFO with my own eyes...

At approx 2pm on September 23, 2003, I was travelling westbound on California Interstate 8 about 50 miles east of San Diego near Buckman Springs, when I saw what appeared to be a cigar shaped silver object travelling southwest in a bright blue cloudless sky. The object was travelling about twice the speed that a passenger jet would move through the sky. I pointed it out to my travelling companion (who was driving, and is definitely NOT a UFO person). At first she thought it was an airplane, but then she pointed out that it failed to leave a trail of jet plume in the sky behind it. We both were speechless for a moment, and then, as we were looking at the object, it tilted slightly, and a very bright reflection of sunlight was reflected from a broader surface-I'd never seen anything like it. A few moments later the object passed out of our sight behind a hill to the front and left of where we were driving. It took us just a few minutes to reach a vantage point from where we should have been able to see the object retreating away from us, however the sky was completely empty.

And here I am in the Bay Area again for another installment of Feldenkrais Training

UFO UPDATE: Another clear and cloudless day in southern california, and I was able to visually evaluate a jetplane at a similar altitude and distance. Despite the distance, the wings of the plane were clearly visible -- even the fins on the tail could me distinguished -- making the sighting described above more credible (at least in my own mind).

By : UFO Sighting, yes really.



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