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元:Google have IPO, will do anything it likes.

Google: we can scrape your site, but you can't scrape ours.

Google's entire business model is based on 'site-scraping', which essentially means it has a bunch of computers which go out and read web pages and automatically index them for later searching and retrieval. There isn't anything particularly innovative about what they are doing. They even have an information-police department which goes around looking for sites to ban and filter. is doing a lot of things better. And WAIS, the original internet search engine, worked in a distributed (ie. cooperative model), in which everyone shared the search burden and shared their results with each other.

Apparently, google's internal corporate motto is "don't be evil", a veiled reference to Micro$oft. Compared to WAIS, google is the hellspawn of satan. But like everything in our world, goog is a necessary evil. Would you rather have billg filtering your search results? I thought not.

By : Google have IPO, will do anything it likes.



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