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元:No Apology Needed

I don't think a comic should ever apologize for a bad joke. Because there is no such thing as a bad joke. Sometimes, I'll be watching the Tonight Show monologue and Jay will get a silent audience from a two-liner and start apologizing while meanwhile back at the ranch here, I am busting a gut over the exact same bit.

And, well, it looks like my favorite Conan segment is not going to be revealed as one of the "final cylons". My official selection: Borat climbing all over the set trying to harvest Conan's "pubis" hair. Lucky for me, I have it saved. On my mac. For all time.

I have to get to bed early. Tomorrow I'm going back to Texas to help bootstrap the Bush Twin's 2012 Presidential Campaign. I can't think of anything more inspiring than seeing those two girls running the free world as President and Vice-President with daddy George W, Uncle Jeb, and Grandaddy George Sr. calling the shots from the shadows.

By : No Apology Needed



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