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... he had done a short film The Hockey Puck Crisis, which was great: Hockey pucks grew on trees, and there was a blizzard that destroyed the crop, so you couldn't play hockey in Canada that year.

- Bernie Brillstein

Actually, we wrote a perfect submission for Saturday Night Live, a package of things we'd like to see on TV -- a news parody, a commercial parody and a couple of sketches.

-Al Franken

There was a feeling even before it started that something important was happening. It was almost like all the leftover spirit of the sixties found its way into this show -- that spirit of rebellion, of breaking through whatever boundaries were left.

-Neil Levy

My favorite Wayne and Shuster sketch goes like this: W&S are monitoring radio transmissions from outer space. A message from aliens begins arriving on a teletype machine. They, the alien species, want to trade... unpronounceable alien name, unpronounceable name, unpronounceable name for... Gretzky. I can't recall if that sketch aired before Gretzky moved to L.A. I was living in the Edmonton area at the time and it was a really big deal. The defection of Gretzky to Los Angeles.

By : Things you can learn in books.



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